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Welcome to Pivotal Education!

When schools and colleges need help, they come to us. We're a team of the UK's leading teacher trainers with a worldwide reputation for transforming classroom behaviour and achieving outstanding teaching.

Having worked with hundreds of schools spanning 15 countries, we're widely regarded as an educational thought-leader. That's why when you book Pivotal, you don't get the 'same old' material; you get insightful training with fresh strategies that achieve lasting results.

Whether you're in need of major change or just a little direction, we've got it covered. Some schools require intensive culture change, some need whole staff training or one-on-one coaching, whilst others immerse themselves in our online courses. Whatever your needs, we've got the resource and expertise to help you.

Pivotal Education Training

Pivotal Education provides training in the following areas.  All of these topics can be delivered as a one-day course, but shorter courses (half days and twilights) can also be designed.

Pivotal training is active, practical and utterly tailored to your objectives, your timings, your setting and your staff. It is essential that the trainer models outstanding teaching and you need to know that the training you are booking is of the highest quality.  Look here to see testimonials from schools and colleges.

The Booking Process:

  You and Ellie can have a chat about your objectives and what the trigger is for organising training.  We can do this by phone or email.

  We look for a date for training and I check availability.

  We send you the letter of contract and you sign and return to us to confirm the booking in our training diary.

  The trainer will get in touch with you to discuss in detail. The trainer may ask about policy and procedure, previous training that the cohort has had and specifics of training needs and objectives.

  The trainer will design a training programme to suit your needs and share the draft agenda with you.

  When the draft agenda is agreed, the trainer will continue to prepare resources and activities for the day.

  You will have regular contact from Sandra in the Pivotal office regarding admin and logistics.

  The training takes place.

An overview of courses we offer

Behaviour Management:


Mindset and Culture

  Consistency in practice

  The importance of culture over strategy

  Establishing the ‘This is how we do it here’.

  The single sheet behaviour policy


Classroom Behaviour Management

  Managing your own behaviour

  Rules and routines

  Praise and reward

  Low level disruption



Advanced Behaviour Management

  Developing positive working relationships

  Working with the 'hard to reach'

  Managing confrontation

  De-escalation strategies

  Secondary and more extreme behaviour


Working with the Angry Child

  Our understanding of anger

  The psychological brain

  Recognising triggers 

  The assault cycle and coping strategies

  Whole school perspectives on anger


Managing Learners with Specific Behaviour Needs

  ASD and its impact on behaviour

  ADHD and its impact on behaviour

  The challenges of the school environment

  Practical strategies for dealing with learners with behaviour needs

  Curriculum planning and accessibility



Restorative Justice

  What is restorative justice and how can it work in schools and colleges?

  Restorative attitude: Why punishment doesn't work

  Restorative responses: Listening, language and scripts

  Restorative conferences: How they work and when they are used

  Restorative cultures: Key players and creating practical action plans



Outstanding Teaching: 


Teaching in the Spotlight *

  An outstanding first five minutes

  Refining the teaching performance

  Neutral, influence and the nuances of excellent performance

  Taking risks in the classroom

  An open, engaging and active style


Teaching in the Shadows *

  Learned helplessness

  Self assessment and rigorous self-reflection

  Peer learning conversations

  Autonomous self-instructing groups

  Curiosity, engagement and risk-taking

  The role of the teacher in a student-led classroom

*A one day course called ‘Outstanding Teaching’ would be a combination of these two courses – ‘Teaching in the Spotlight’ and ‘Teaching in the Shadows’.


Student Motivation

  Surface to deep: engaging students and leading them to deeper learning

  Meaningful reinforcement and its impact on reluctant learners

  The impact of teacher expectations on motivation

  Good practice – models of motivation

  Fine tuning practical strategies


Assessment for Learning

  Setting the climate for successful collaborative assessment

  Practical approaches to outstanding classroom assessment

  Autonomous self-instructing groups

  Curiosity, engagement and making assessment irresistible

  Taking outstanding risks

  OFSTED, the new framework and the myths surrounding formative assessment


Differentiation and Personalised Learning

  How people really learn and think

  Practical strategies for differentiation

  Defining, coding and integrating differentiation into schemes and plans

  Developing differentiated learning conversations

  Groups, tasks and questions



In addition to Behaviour Management and Outstanding Teaching Training we also deliver the following:


  Safeguarding Level 1 (2hrs to half day)

  Safeguarding Level 2 (full day needed)

  Safeguarding Level 3 (full day needed – delegates must be Level 2 trained)

  Active Maths for Primary Teachers

  Active Maths and English for Functional Skills teachers (FE)

  Speaking and Listening

  Equality and Diversity Training

  Outstanding Middle Management

  Outstanding Subject Leadership

  Coaching and Mentoring

Pivotal Education Open Courses

The list below shows courses that are currently available to book onto:

  • "How to Write an Outstanding Behaviour Policy" with Paul Dix - London - 17th June. 
  • "Level 3 Safeguarding" - London 15th July. More information.
For more information call us on 020 70001735 or email us on:

Pivotal Education Online Courses

We have several online courses in behaviour management and safeguarding.

  • Taking Care of Behaviour (schools and colleges)
  • Taking Care of Behaviour (early years)
  • Managing Extreme Behaviour
  • Level 2 Safeguarding (schools)
  • Level 2 Safeguarding (colleges)
For more information call us on 020 70001735 or email us on:

Single users can enrol now via the online course portal. For multi-user licence prices, email us on:

Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour and Safety

Behaviour training cannot be just a one-off event. We have created a new model that makes ongoing training affordable and realistic.  The Pivotal Curriculum is a subscription service that provides exceptional CPD year on year. 

Pivotal will train identified people within your staff to be Licensed Pivotal Instructors. Those Instructors will be continually trained, kept up to-date and provided with the best behaviour resources. Your Instructors will then run training events within your school/college to train colleagues.

  • What will the Pivotal Curriculum achieve?
  • Every adult dramatically up skilled in behaviour and safety
  • A seismic shift in culture and consistency
  • Your staff trained as Licensed Pivotal Instructors
  • Blended training that is impact assessed
The Pivotal Curriculum includes 5 units for Behaviour and Safety. Each unit lasts approx five hours of training time, though these can be delivered by your in-house instructor in whatever form you choose - a single one-day training event for all staff, twilight sessions, departmental meetings or NQT sessions.  Once trained, your in-house Instructor will be able to deliver all five units as many times as they wish.

Pivotal Instructors are trained by Paul Dix and the senior training team over the space of a weekend and then are updated termly with webinars and online support content. Each Instructor is partnered with a senior Pivotal trainer who mentors them.

The school or college pays an annual fee for the Instructor training, but the amount of training your instructor(s) delivers to the staff body is unlimited and at no extra cost.

Our main Pivotal Curriculum Website is still under construction, but there is a comprehensive document explaining how the Pivotal Curriculum works and how much it costs that I can send to anyone keen to learn more.

The first Pivotal Instructors training weekend will be in Early November. Please get in touch now to book your places.

Pivotal Podcast

Each week Paul Dix and Kevin Mulryne are discussing behaviour-related issues, sharing good practice, giving tips and strategies and answering listeners questions.

You can Download the Podcast from iTunes or Listen through the Pivotal Podcast website.

You can subscribe to the podcast in several ways - via itunes, RSS feed or email. Watch videos on How to Subscribe if you need assistance.

We are very keen for reviews in iTunes, so if you have a few extra minutes to spare, please do rate and review.

Contact Pivotal Education

If you need to get in touch with us, please email us at stating your enquiry details or call us on 020 70001735.

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Ellie Dix